The Eyes of All Look to Thee

I have received many requests for sheet music for the pieces on the CD that was produced in Manton at the Monastery of St. John. The CD is available from St. John’s Bookstore.  

Here is a track listing with all the music I can make available linked below.. 

Track listing:

1. Litany of Peace in Mode 1. Composed by Rozanne Spires
2. Hymn of Ascent in Tone 4: “From My Youth.” Solovki Chant
3. Psalm 50. Valaam Chant, Tone 1;
4. Open to Me the Doors of Repentance. From Lenten Sunday Matins. Valaam Chant.
5. Kyrie Eleison. Traditional Byzantine chant.
6. Canticle Nine, Song of the Theotokos (Magnificat). Znamenny Chant
7. Tone 5 Funeral Sticheron of the 8 Tones, by St. John of Damascus, “I called to mind the Prophet.” Carpatho Russian Chant.
8. Matins Resurrectional Troparion #1. Valaam Chant; set in English and edited by Monk Martin [#2 is also included]
9. Litany of Peace. Composed by Archimandrite Matthew, arranged for 3 parts by Monk Martin
10. Trisagion. Composed by Maia Aprahamian.
11. Troparion and Kontakion for St. John of San Francisco. Kievan Chant and Stolp Melody arranged by Monk Martin
12. Cherubikon (Let us Who Mystically Represent). Composed by Monk Martin
13. Anaphora (A Mercy of Peace). Set to the special melody “Proceed Ye Angelic Hosts.”
14. Anaphora. Composed by Monk Martin
15. It is Truly Meet. Composed by Monk Martin
16. The Lord’s Prayer. Composed by Monk Martin
17. Koinonikon. (Communion Hymn) for St. John the Baptist and various saints. Composed by Monk Martin
18. Koinonikon. (Communion hymn) for Fridays. Based on Gregorian Melody, arranged by Monk Martin.
19. Koinonikon for Sundays. Composed by Monk Martin.
20: The Eyes of All Look to Thee with Hope by Monk Martin
21. O Gladsome Light. Hymn from Vespers. Composed by Monk Martin.
22. Song of St. Symeon. Composed by Monk Martin.
23. Rejoice O Virgin. Znamenny Chant and arranged by Monk Martin
24. Psalm 33. Composed by Mironositsky.
25. O My Most Blessed Queen. Final prayer of the supplicatory canon to the Theotokos. Krasnogorsk Monastery Chant.
26. You are a Priest. Composed by Maia Aprahamian for the occasion of Abbot Jonah’s Enthronement as Abbot.